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Produces a JSON representation of a given value.


value as any,
optional encoding as TextEncoding.Type
) as binary


Produces a JSON representation of a given value value with a text encoding specified by encoding. If encoding is omitted, UTF8 is used. Values are represented as follows:

  • Null, text and logical values are represented as the corresponding JSON types
  • Numbers are represented as numbers in JSON, except that #infinity, -#infinity and #nan are converted to null
  • Lists are represented as JSON arrays
  • Records are represnted as JSON objects
  • Tables are represented as an array of objects
  • Dates, times, datetimes, datetimezones and durations are represented as ISO-8601 text
  • Binary values are represented as base-64 encoded text
  • Types and functions produce an error


Example #1

Convert a complex value to JSON.

Text.FromBinary(Json.FromValue([A = {1, true, "3"}, B = #date(2012, 3, 25)]))




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