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Returns the packages in an SAP HANA database.


server as text,
optional options as record
) as table


Returns a table of multidimensional packages from the SAP HANA database server. An optional record parameter, options, may be specified to control the following options:

  • Query : A native SQL query used to retrieve data. If the query produces multiple result sets, only the first will be returned.
  • Distribution : A SapHanaDistribution that sets the value of the "Distribution" property in the connection string. Statement routing is the method of evaluating the correct server node of a distributed system before statement execution. The default value is SapHanaDistribution.All.
  • Implementation : Specifies the implementation of the SAP HANA connector to use.
  • EnableColumnBinding : Binds variables to the columns of a SAP HANA result set when fetching data. May potentially improve performance at the cost of slightly higher memory utilization. The default value is false.
  • ConnectionTimeout : A duration that controls how long to wait before abandoning an attempt to make a connection to the server. The default value is 15 seconds.
  • CommandTimeout : A duration that controls how long the server-side query is allowed to run before it is canceled. The default value is ten minutes.


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