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Returns a table of available metrics from the SparkPost API v1


DaysToAggregate as number,
MetricColumns as text,
NonMetricColumns as text,
Path as text
) as table


This function can be used to retrieve data from a particular "Metrics" endpoint of the SparkPost API v1. When refreshing these tables or making calls to the SparkPost API using this connector, keep in mind that the SparkPost API has a strict API rate limit. If you see a 429 status code being returned from the SparkPost server you have hit the rate limit and will need to wait a few moments before making more calls. When choosing a value for the Number of days parameter, note that the API only stores 6 months worth of data.


Example #1

Retrieves count_sent and count_rejected deliverability metrics for all campaign_ids aggregated over the last three days.

Source = SparkPost.GetTable(3, "count_sent,count_rejected", "campaign_id", "metrics/deliverability/campaign")